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To Become a ATBGA Member,

      a One Time Yearly Registration Fee Payment is Required of:

                    1 Child: $50.00 - Each Additional Child: $25

Monthly Tuition Fee:


is based off of the Number of Hours

your child attends Above the Bar Weekly.


See Below Pricing:

(Classes, Pre-Team, & Competition Team)

  • 1 Hour/ 1 Class Per Week:         $99

  • 2 Hours/ (2 Classes) Per Week:  $150

  • 2 Hours Per Week/Hot Shots:    $160 Only Sat 9:30-11:30

  • 4 Hours Per Week/Pre-Team:     $220 Only Monday & Wednesday

  • 6 Hours Per Week/Team:           $250  Only Monday, Wednesday, & Sat.




 Each ATBGA member, must have a valid credit card on file.

   Each member will be charged monthly on their card on file.

       You will receive an E-mail with your monthly receipt. 

Credit Cards are Charged the 1st of Every Month. 

Invoices NOT PAID by the 1st will be charged a $25 LATE FEE!

  You can add hours any time!

     Please see a ATBGA Staff Member in the ATBGA office to assist you. 


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