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Hot Shots, Pre-Team, & Team Gymnastics 

Hot Shots - 2 Hr. Class

                     Offered: Saturday Only! 9:30am-11:30am

                     (Program Introduced before Pre-Team) Must have Cartwheel 


Pre-Team - 4 Hours (Divided Up By Two Days, 2 Hours Each Day)

                    Offered: Monday 5-7pm & Wednesday 5:00-7:30

                    (Program Introduced before Team) Must have Front/Back Walkover

Team -      6 Hours (Divided Up By Three Days)

                   Offered: Monday 5-7pm, Wednesday 5:00-7:30pm, Sat, 10:30-12:30

                   Must have Running & Standing Backhand Spring/s.  


Must Wear a

ABTGA will invite students to join the ABTGA programs listed above on an individual basis, as coaches see fit or by a requested evulation by the student's parent/s. There will be a  gymnastic skill evaluation by the ATBGA Director to check if the student is ready to join the program desired.  If your child expresses an interest to go further in the sport, please inquire at the ATBGA desk. Often, adding another class or private lessons or home drills can bump them to the level they need to be invited to the above ATBGA gymnastics programs offered.

Hot Shot Program:

Hot Shots is a pre-competitive program. Our Hot Shots team is consisted of gymnasts that have demonstrated natural ability, focus, and passion for gymnastics. On Hot Shots, your child will continue learning developmental skills, body awareness, discipline, and experience teamwork. Additionally, your child will participate in strength and flexibility training to help prepare them for competitive gymnastics. This comprehensive training program allows your young gymnast a jump-start on the track to our pre-team and team programs.

Pre-Team Program 

The Pre Team Program is an invitational only program designed for gymnasts who have mastered our Hot Shots Program and are ready to Prepare for our Competition Team.  Gymnasts who  have  strength, flexibility. coordination, balance, and agility as well as the  basics to Gymnastics techniques.  Pre Team  will master routines necessary to join our USAG Competitive Team Program.Once joining our Pre Team Program, your gymnast will be challanged with strength, flexibilty, and technique, needed for advanced gymnastics skills. We believe in support and encouragement to build confidence in our athletes. 

Competition Team Program:

Our Competitive Teams are for the Athlete who has decided she wishes to be more serious about the sport of gymnastics and is therefore willing to commit more hours to training in the gym and to attend competitive meets throughout the season.  These meets might require travel, overnight stays, and higher tuition fees than recreational gymnastics. Students will start at Level 3 at the compulsory” levels,  going to level 5 meaning that all gymnasts in the USAG program will perform the same routine to the same music as every other gymnast in competition as authorized by USAG. Levels 6-10 are considered “optional” levels. Optional levels are slightly similar to compulsory levels in that every gymnast in the USAG program will still compete according to the same rules and requirements set-up by USAG. However, in the “optional” levels, the routines are individualized according to the athlete’s strengths. Optional gymnasts will have their own routines, distinctively choreographed, using their own music and personal style.

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