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Private Instruction 

What is Private instruction/Lessons?  

Private Instruction/Lessons are a GREAT Way to fine-tune specific skills or get extra practice in gymnastics, tumbling, or cheer. Private Instruction is an one on one instruction between an athlete & coach. 


How long are Private instruction/Lessons?  

Private Lessons can either be a half hour or an hour long. 

How much is per Private instruction/Lesson?  

1 Time Yearly Registration Fee of $50 plus lesson signed up for.

  • Half Hour Private Lesson: $30

  • One Hour Private Lesson: $50


Who do I pay?  

Each private lesson must be paid for before the lesson starts. Above the Bar will email you an an invoice that MUST be paid before the start of the private lesson.  

How do I sign my child up?  

You MUST SUBMIT a Google Form Private Lesson Form in the Link Below. Please answer all the questions. You will receive an email within 24 hours with a reply and date when to start. 


Important Details to Know: 

  • Only ATBGA Management can approve of private lessons.

  • All private lessons must be paid to Above the Bar & not the instructor.

  • Instructor's will not be able to conduct private lessons during working hours. 

  • Any changes in private lessons must be told to Management.

  • Private lesson participants MUST have all required paperwork signed & yearly registration paid. 

  • Lessons must be paid for before lesson. 

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